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Ready for Love: Plain White T's Tim Lopez on Finding Mrs. Right


According to simple White T’s guitarist Tim Lopez, prepared for Love is that display. But where the TV bachelors before him kept mum on the last conclusion of their relationships, Lopez discloses that he did find love and that the duo are still joyously simultaneously, even after the cameras stopped revolving.

photographs: THR's Reality Heat register

“I am still with her and very joyous in the connection, so it worked for me,” Lopez notifies The Hollywood Reporter. But as for the lucky lady’s persona -- and the couple’s conclusion to got married, become committed or easily reside joyously ever after -- viewers will have to tune in.

Executive produced by Eva Longoria and hosted by Giuliana and account Rancic, NBC’s Ready for Love pairs three bachelors with three matchmakers, who then choose 12 ladies for each of their respective men (36 total) before they are whittled down to four apiece and, finally, one perfect agree for each bachelor. And while there can be only three victors on Ready for Love, early eliminees are not allowed to switch groups and vie for another’s affections to stay on the show.

connecting the Austin-based Lopez on the excursion are Ben Patton, an international financier from Dallas, and Ernesto Arguello, an entrepreneur with a social dream from Miami.

"They are the types of friends I'd rectify my sister up with if my sister were single," states co-host Bill Rancic, who furthermore admits that he and wife Giuliana learned a couple of tips from the relationship gurus (matchmaker Amber Kelleher-Andrews, relationship scribe Tracy McMillan and professional going out with coach Matthew Hussey) during filming.

"We discovered it to be actually educational, when they were offering tips and guidance on why you should do this or that," he says. "We're joyously wed and composed a publication on wedding ceremony [the New York Times best trader I Do, Now What?], but even we thought, 'Wow, this is attractive interesting.' I believe viewers will stroll away with bits of information they can use in their own relationships."

photographs: Grammys 2013: The Winners

For Lopez, whose first wedding ceremony to his high school sweetheart completed in end marriage, even a background in performing couldn’t arrange him for filming in front of a live assembly, encompassing the matchmakers and hosts, during which he is required to address his sentiments for each of his suitors.

“I thought that I would be so snug with that, but the reality is it’s distinct to hold a guitar in front of you and really perform than it is to designated day people on camera and have an assembly watch you dispense your heart out on stage,” he admits. “You never understand what the girls are gonna throw at you or what Giuliana and account are gonna hurl at you.”

But viewers can also see Tim in his natural element when his band takes the stage to perform throughout one of the episodes. Band friend Tom Higgenson says that the T’s had their eyes peeled for the future Mrs. Lopez throughout their performance. “We got to glimpse a lot of the girls, so it was comical after we performed, all of us friends were like, ‘Which one do you believe he’s gonna like? Which one do you like?'”

inquired if he took his band friends’ opinions into account when choosing his friend, Lopez is quick with a “no” answer.
Bill and Giuliana Rancic Ready for Love - H 2013
“Not at all, actually,” he states, while Higgenson slyly contradicts. “We have very different tastes, which is great for our band dynamic. When we all were lone, I don’t want to be vying with this guy.”

As for “this guy,” the last single member of the assembly, he accepts with a untrue sense of woe, Higgenson is open to the concept of taking his own love live to the small computer display. “You understand what, you never know,” he states of a truth TV prospects. “We’ll see. Maybe. My life is like a truth show.”

VIDEO: simple White T's Preview New EP: 'Girls habitually Fuel Our Inspiration'

With the band’s new digital-only EP, Should’ve Gone to Bed, out now and a full-length studio effort anticipated for a late-summer street designated day, Lopez confesses to having noted a recital or two about his new love. “There’s some that are expressly about her and some where I’ve taken little bites out of our connection and tossed them into a song,” he states.

Could “Haven’t Told Her Yet” be one? filled with the promise of new love, Lopez proclaims that his beloved is “brighter than Vegas/hotter than Hades/cool sufficient to make you freeze” on the poppy, up-tempo pathway.
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Ready For Love Recap: "Celebrities " The Rocker Wants Love


Bill and Giuliana Rancic owner the premiere of Ready For Love tonight on NBC. Will three of the world’s top matchmakers be able to find love for the rocker, Tim Lopez?

Eva Longoria, the executive manufacturer, introduces us to the story behind Ready For Love. There are three bachelors looking for love; Ernesto, Ben and Tim. But different The Bachelor, there are three matchmakers to help them (and the contestants) along the way - Matt, Amber and Tracy. believe of the display as The Bachelor with a little bit of The Millionaire Matchmaker hurled in. The women compete for the men and the matchmakers contend to be adept to assertion they discovered the friends “the one.”

Giuliana and account insert us to Tim Lopez, the rock star. He is the lead singer for The simple White Ts, but he isn’t the typical rock celebrity. This friend doesn’t like snaring up with groupies; he is a family friend who likes to resolve down. Tim wed his high school sweetheart, but she discovered his journeying to be too much for her. After years of endeavouring to move on, he is eventually prepared to find the woman he will spend the rest of his life with.

this night, Tim will have to blindly slender down the women that the matchmakers have chosen for him. He can ask inquiries, but will not be adept to glimpse any of the women. Amber, the matchmaker, gets to understand Tim so that she can hand choose the flawless agree for him. “I have advised my women to make the best first impression,” Amber notifies the cameras.

The first four women that Amber has selected for Tim take the stage. From behind a wall, Tim inquires the conspicuous inquiry – why should I select you? The females dispense out their hearts, recite poetry, and even band out some opera. Out of the four women, Tim can only choose three. He chooses Sara, Hailey and Siham to extend on this journey with him.

Matt is the next matchmaker who has four women to present to Tim. “I know the type of women that Tim has habitually wanted,” Matt states in his cute British agree to. One girl, Leah, is a individual from Tim’s past who admits that she is love with him! “I do love him and I’m prepared to notify him,” Leah notifys the cameras. The three young women insert themselves, but then Leah is the last young female who he hears. Tim examines shocked to discover that his ally Leah is pouring her discovert out to him. “That was actually mighty, I have known Leah for years,” Tim tells Giuliana. There is no hesitation on Tim’s part, he likes Leah to extend with the affray.
The last matchmaker, Tracy, is ready to give Tim his soul mate. “I can assurance that these friends find a wife on my team,” Tracy states with confidence. The four ladies take the stage to give reasons why they could be the flawless wife for Tim. There are toasts, more verse and some jokes. But in the end, Tim selects three young women and is ready to start his excursion.

The display now fast-forwards to all of Tim’s women going into a gigantic California mansion – sound familiar? The three matchmakers have a advising meeting with their females to reconsider dating tips. The next day the nine women proceed on their first group designated day with Tim. Tim is tense, because he has never been on a designated day with nine young women before. The designated day engages a private show from The simple White Ts and the ladies are adoring the presentation. What girl doesn’t fantasize about a guy writing a love recital for them? After the concert, Tim likes the ladies to help him compose the second verse of a recital. The twist is that every person will then have to vocalise it – and this freaks some of the young women out. The young women split up into their matchmaker groups to compose the lyrics they will have to present. Each group strikes the recording studio with Tim and they band out some great lyrics and no one was a actually awful singer! After her group notes, Leah (the young female from Tim’s past) steals him away for a little brief talk. Too awful the microphone is left on and all the girls could discover their conversation. Leah dispenses her heart out to Tim and she wants to understand if Tim feels the same way. “I don’t believe any person has made such a bold move for me before,” Tim permits her understand. Tim might be smitten with her, but all the young women are after furious at this issue.

After the assembly date, Tim checks in with the matchmakers. The matchmakers then choose one lady from each of their groups to have a solely time with Tim. From Amber’s group, Hailey is chosen first. Tim is excited to spend more time with Hailey, because he loves blondes and young women with a good sense of wit. Hailey might have gone a bit too far when she mentions that she farted on her preceding beau. Next up is Danielle, from Matt’s group. I believe she scares him away when she mentions that she has ”a register” of things she wants in a man. eventually, Christina from Tracy’s group has her time with Tim. She values her love of music to bond with Tim. “There is something really sexy about Christina…I feel some intense magnetism in the direction of her,” Tim notifies the cameras.

Now the matchmakers and the females take the stage so they can have a of a therapy session in front of a reside assembly. Tracy praises Christina for utilising her eyes so well and showing her heart. Tracy advises her to hold the impetus going. Next up, Amber mentors Hailey. “I’m really watching you sabotage yourself,” Amber scolds her. Amber cannot accept as true that Hailey utilised the word fart on a date! As for Danielle, Matt reams her for mentioning “the list” she has. Duh females! perhaps that’s why these young women are still lone! Then Leah is singled out for her past connection with Tim. “Have you ever been intimate with Tim?” Giuliana asks the inquiry we all want to understand. “That’s certain thing individual between Tim and I,” Leah notifies the hosts. I estimate that means – yes!

Now it’s time for Tim to connect the women on the stage and drive someone dwelling. The matchmakers will select the bottom young female from each of their groups. Tim will then have to send one of these three ladies home. Tracy selects Sarah, because she wasn’t in the instant. Leah isn’t shocked when Matt selects her to be in the base. eventually, Amber nominates Hailey because of her fart comment. Right away, Tim keeps Hailey. I estimate Tim doesn’t mind conversing about farts. The two young women and Tim are sent to a distinct room to converse about why they should stay. “I have kept you in that friendzone..” Tim tells Leah. Tim is labouring to make a conclusion, but finally drives Leah dwelling. ”We have been associates for so long, I don’t believe we could be anything but friends,” Tim notifies her. Leah is obviously trampled by Tim’s decision, but she got the response she liked.

What did you believe of tonight’s prepared For Love Premiere? Is there too much going on or do you love it? Let us understand what you think, leave us a comment underneath.

Want more? Follow our tweets on Twitter and like us on Facebook! Click here for more data about Ready For Love. For other large reality TV report, please feel free to ascertain out SirLinksALot:Ready For Love.
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Two Vaginas in One Women


Two Vaginas in One Women . How When What?

A woman has spoken out on morning TV about a rare medical condition, which means she has two wombs and two vaginas, also known as uterus didelphys.

Hazel Jones, 27, revealed her one in a million condition on the This Morning show.

Embarrassing Bodies health expert Dr Dawn Harper explained on the show that Hazel's condition occurred because the uterus tube septum failed to break down when Miss Jones was a baby, meaning two uteruses formed instead of one.

Uterus didelphys, more commonly known as ‘double uterus’ happens when a woman’s uterus forms differently and goes on to develop into two uteruses (wombs). While the condition itself is not uncommon, having two separate vaginas is extremely rare.

”The two tubes have made two separate uteruses and two vaginas and two cervixes. And although it's relatively common to have a septum within the uterus, to actually have two separate uteruses is much rarer - one in a million," explained Dr Harper.

MIss Jones first discovered something was wrong when she reached puberty and started her periods at 14.

“That wasn't fun. I used to suffer from horrendous cramps and my periods could be very heavy. I now know that my periods were worse because I have two wombs,” Hazel explained. “It wasn't nice. I had friends and I tried explaining to them I was having problems and they had no idea what I was doing wrong.

“I always noticed there was this thing there,” said the 27-year-old.

She also revealed that she had to lose her virginity twice as she had two hymens - the thin membrane surrounding the external vaginal opening - to break.

She explained: “If you are not aware that you have got this, it can be really uncomfortable as I thought I was having cystitis and urine infections from a young age when I was tearing the middle septum."

However, despite being offered surgery to ‘correct’ her condition, Miss Jones declined, saying: "They have to treat you like they would a post-op transsexual because if you have something removed from an area like that there's a risk of healing back together. You have to have it separated all the time and it can be very uncomfortable and cause scar tissue."

Doctors have also warned that Hazel may experience complications if she decides to start a family as she is at higher risk of late miscarriage, premature birth and bleeding during pregnancy.

She said: "I'm told that if I get pregnant I've got to be careful I don't get pregnant again in the other side because you can have pregnancies that are months apart. There is an increased risk of giving a breached birth and risk of bleeding while pregnant."
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Hard to believe it was nine years ago (February 2003) that Charis Boyle was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month. Since posing for the Centerfold—and Cyber Girl, and Special Editions—Charis has been popping up on TV and runningSilverstar clothing company.
Today is a good day to follow her on Twitter — it’s #friskyfriday and Charis is very good at #friskyfriday.
A nickname I have had: With a name like Charis there’s never been a need for a nickname. Everyone has always just tried to say it properly—or remember it!
I’m a nerd about: I’m a complete nerd about history and most all useless tidbits of information!
Please worship my: Heart!
Try not to stare at my: Are you kidding? I’m a Playmate, stare away!
Sex is: The best attitude adjustment you can get!
My greatest weakness: Fried chicken
If I went into porn, my name would be: Cookie Buffet
If I was a Bond girl, my name would be: Gypsy Holiday
Food that turns me on: Fondue
I don’t understand why people think I: Wouldn’t be a down-to-earth, laid back chick.
I cried unnecessarily the day: I don’t know, I cry even when someone wins something! I don’t cry when I’m mad, I cry in matters of the heart.
When I throw a party I make sure to have plenty of: Vodka.
The funniest comedian is: Dave Chappelle, Ron White, Chelsea Handler, Wanda Sykes.
I’m too sexy for my: Birkenstocks.
I wish people would stop Tweeting about: What they’re eating!
When I was 8 years old I wanted to be: A runway model
I get frisky when: I drink.
My super power: I sold a shitload of ice to some Eskimos once.
I’m completely freaked out by: Scuba diving.
The most unpleasant word in the English language is: “goiter.”
I don’t understand why men: Will say what they want in life but not follow through with the actions to get it.
My most recent wardrobe malfunction was: I wear really high heels a lot so I occasionally will wobble like I’m gonna wipe out. But I don’t and then people look at me like I totally deserve it when they look down and see how high my shoes are!
My relationship with spectator sports is: Nonexistent. I am not a spectator in life; I like to get dirty with the best of ‘em.
The most interesting compliment I ever got from a stranger is: People are kind and have given me beautiful compliments. One time I did get some strange negative comments: I was at baggage claim with my family in the Bahamas and this woman who was there with her family decided I needed to know how unattractive I was, and how my boobs were hideous and everything about me was disgusting! We were all just arriving for vacation. I imagined her husband thought it was a great start! That goes back to one of my earlier answers — some people just need to get laid!
The most exciting thing I did today was: Today it was grocery shopping, which isn’t that exciting. But yesterday I just returned home from a month long trip in Thailand and Bali, which was way more interesting than a trip to the grocery store.
My secret weapon: I can drive the hell outta anything with an engine
If I were to go that way, my lesbian lover would be: Hmm, maybe the typical Angelina Jolie or Fa Empel. I’m a lover of men so the chicks gotta be tough for me to crush on!
My backup career if this whole “being pretty” thing doesn’t work out: I never assumed modeling would work out, so I’ve already have had successful careers in both restaurant interior design and the fashion industry. I just sold my clothing company SILVERSTAR last year so I’m embarking on a new path!
Music I am most likely to play turned up to 11: I’m a music fanatic so I listen to everything turned way up, from Grateful Dead to NWA.
Something from my childhood that still traumatizes me today: My mother made me get my PADI Scuba license at age 12 and I’ve been traumatized since.
Last time I ate way too much: Every day in Thailand! I live to eat, it’s one of my pastimes.
On the worst bender of my life, I was drinking: Martinis—I love them, so I’ve had many benders. The worst was probably when I was having a big party at my house an was wasted by 11. I was, let’s just say sitting next to the toiletand could hear everyone downstairs having a blast! But I couldn’t move—what an idiot! And you know, it gets worse than that but that’s the one I’m gonna tell you about.
The best thing I learned from an ex was: What I’m not gonna deal with on the next go round!
The most rough-and-tumble outdoor activity I do is: I ride street bikes for Yamaha. An R6. I also ride horses and am three-time national show jumping champion. And I’m a pretty mean angler…
A grown man should not: Be too serious!
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Mike Tyson Appearing At Wrestling Convention, Randy Orton On WWE


Mike Tyson has been announced as a vendor guest for WrestleReunion, which takes place January 27-29 at the Westin Los Angeles Airport 5400 West Century Blvd. Los Angeles, California. The WrestleMania XIV celebrity will be doing photo-ops for $99. Autograph prices have yet to be announced.

-- The Yakima Herald-Republic has published an article promoting this Friday's Raw live event at the Yakima Valley SunDome in Yakima, Washington. It is titled "It's not fake, it's scripted."

T.J. Tranchell writes, "This is a good time to have the "wrestling's fake" conversation. I don't disagree with the idea; I disagree with the semantics. People get seriously injured. Owen Hart died. Let's change the wording. Wrestling isn't fake, it's scripted. In general, the outcomes are predetermined. You don't bet on professional wrestling the way you'd bet on a boxing match."

-- Randy Orton is featured on the cover of the February 2012 issue of WWE Magazine. The headline reads "THE VIPER TARGETS WRESTLEMANIA." Also featured is Triple H's guide to the Elimination Chamber and a poster featuring The Rock.
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WWE Monday Night Raw 1/9/2012 - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly


WWE Monday Night Raw 1/9/2012 - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
Chris Jericho is on a crazy tear, Kane is still doing the horror thing and what's a Funkasaurus? Check out what you missed on this week's WWE Monday Night Raw.
Whether it's because of the impending build-up toward WrestleMania, the company being willing to try new stuff as ratings take their inevitable football season dive, or just some type of rare alignment of the planets, Monday Night Raw has been pretty damn solid lately. This week, more awesome Jericho trolling, the much-anticipated arrival of Brodus Clay, three solid matches and mercifully, not a single Divas contest. In fact, pretty much the only thing I didn't like about the show was the Cena/Kane/Ryder/Eve angle...which unfortunately both started and ended the program.

To find out my thoughts on the above, the first batch of 2012 Hall of Fame inductees, and most importantly, who won the coveted Shitterson Match of the Night Award, keep reading as I run down the good, bad and downright ugly moments from this week's show. Then, make sure to tell everyone about the article on Twitter, share it on Facebook and come follow me onTwitter, where I babble about comic books, wrestling and devil music throughout the week. Oh, and for good measure, you also better call my mama.

Finally, if you haven't checked it out already, make sure to read my "Straight Shoot" column from last week: Straight Shoot: Chris Jericho Is A New Type of Heel, where I take a closer look at Jericho's return. And keep an eye out for this Thursday's column, as I look back at what might be the best match of 2011.

Looking for even more insight about last night's Raw? Check out Brandon Stroud's The Best and Worst of Raw over at our friends WithLeather.

WWE Raw 1/9/2012
Credit: WWE

Bad – Is Being Pro-Hate Good Motivation?

In today's world of increasingly self-aware professional wrestling, it gets harder and harder to think of decent motivations for heels, especially ones capable of getting the fans to forget that the person they're booing is just a dude pulling a paycheck. So, in a way, it's refreshing that Kane doesn't want a title, fame or even revenge - he's just stridently pro-hate, and anti-rising-above-the-same. There's even a Ron Paul joke in there somewhere if you care to find it.

An engine of senseless destruction and rage can work just fine as an antagonist as seen in pretty much every horror movie ever. But in order for the menace to come off as convincing, the villain needs to be silent, or at the very least enigmatic in what his motivations are. If Kane just emerged and attacked John Cena and/or Zack Ryder each week with limited explanation that story could be hell of compelling - the guy's a monster and he doesn't really need any motivation beyond that. But by having Kane spew out nonsensical, rambling, confusing (though well-delivered) promos each week, WWE just muddies the waters of the feud while making Kane seem like a pyromaniac therapist, which is a concept better suited for a shitty Showtime drama than pro-wrestling.
WWE Raw 1/9/2012
Credit: WWE

Bad – Ethnic Characters on Parade

This week, WWE crammed all it's hyper-ethnic characters (OK, most all of them - the black guys all came out later) into a single wackadoo tag team match. Ostensibly the match pitting Sheamus & Santino Marella against Wade Barrett & Jinder Mahal was set to promote the Royal Rumble, but that only barely came across in commentary and not at all in the match itself. Sheamus could have at least tried to toss everyone over the top rope at the end, or maybe even have some kind of issue with his partner, Santino.

Even worse than the time-killing nature of the contest, however, was the fact that we had to watch it instead of an actual tag team match. WWE is currently building some type of angle with Air Boom and Primo& Epico, with the Usos tag team also waiting in the ring. As much as I loved seeing Daniel Bryan get a win over Kofi Kingston tonight (more on that later), I would have preferred to see the World Heavyweight Champion beat someone else while Kingston appeared in action with his fake weed smoking tag team partner, Evan Bourne.
WWE Raw 1/9/2012
Credit: WWE

Good – Big Johnny

Tonight, John Laurinaitis told a worried Miz, "I'm not Little Jimmy. I'm Big Johnny." and I'm not ashamed to say that I legit LOLed. Laurinaitis is evolving into a bizarre type of authority figure heel, simultaneously cagey and bumbling. Part of what makes it all work is his off-kilter promo delivery -I can't tell if they're wacky on purpose or just because he's actually kind of confused. Either way, it's great. So great in fact, that David Otunga's coffee-slurping presence irritates me less and less.
WWE Raw 1/9/2012
Credit: WWE

Good – New Hall of Famers

While savvy Internet wrestling news readers have known for months about WWE's plans to induct Alberto Del Rio's uncle Mil Mascaras into the promotion's Hall of Fame, tonight marked the first time that WWE programming announced names for the Class of 2012. The first name announced on television was that of Edge, and while I personally think it might be a little too soon, especially given the fact that it's becoming a habit to induct people immediately upon retiring, only a complete maniac would argue with the merit of the actual decision. The other name was actually that of a stable, The Four Horsemen, which more than anything reminded me of how shocking it is that Arn Anderson hasn't already been inducted in the Hall of Fame.

Conspicuous by his absence, however, is a name that many fans, myself included, considered a shoe-in for this year's Hall of Fame class: the late, great "Macho Man" Randy Savage. For years, rumors have persisted about Vince McMahon's hatred of Savage, with many chalking the enmity up to a sexual relationship the wrestler had with a young Stephanie McMahon, but recent years had seen things relax enough that Savage appeared in WWE toy lines and even video games. Plus, Savage's death received a huge amount of mainstream coverage this year, and have you ever known McMahon to shy away from publicity or the opportunity to sell tickets?
WWE Raw 1/9/2012
Credit: WWE

Good – A Fighting Champion

WWE has a frustrating tendency with new World Champions that typically involves booking them to get the snot kicked out of them week after week until ignobly losing the title at the end of their short run. While it couldn't be considered a win over a top-level star, I was still pleased to see Daniel Bryan go over clean this week in what was one of the best Kofi Kingston matches I've seen since his too-brief feud with Randy Orton.

Even better was the interaction that the World Heavyweight Champion had with the No. 1 contender Big Show following the match. Anyone who saw him back in his Ring of Honor days knows that Daniel Bryan can be a hell of a heel, so it's exciting to see his smarmy attitude start peeking around the corners of his underdog façade. But Big Show is also awesome as a villain, especially when he has much smaller men to toss around, and his aggressive posturing toward Bryan could be seen as hinting toward a full-on turn. Hell, WWE could turn both of them heel for all I care, just as long as they keep having matches that are as entertaining as their bout on last week's SmackDown.
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